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October 20, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shower Curtains

The importance of a shower curtain goes far beyond privacy and dividing the bathroom space. When chosen correctly, this simple accessory can transform your entire shower space and the bathroom itself. More often than not, people opt for plain colors and usually without patterns or images which gives the space a dull feel with complete lack of personality or creativity. It is therefore important to pay close attention to what you choose for your bathroom because after all is said and done, you are the one who will have to stare at your choice for a total of at least forty five minutes every day considering the shower time and bathroom visits.

new_shower_curtainFour simple tips to help you choose the right shower curtain

Choosing the right shower curtain can actually be a little tricky. If you are willing to step out of the plain color and texture comfort zone, you will discover a world of new ideas and designs that will quite literally blow your mind. Below are four simple factors to consider when choosing your shower curtain. When followed properly, they can act as guidelines to ensure that you end up finding the absolute best curtain for you.

  1. Color

The color is by far one of the most important factors to consider. Firsts things first; whatever color you choose should either match the existing color on the walls and floor or should be a contrasting color that complements the same. This is one way of ensuring that they are included in the overall bathroom theme. For the greatest wow factor, avoid pale colors like white, cream and basically any color whose adjective is pale like pale yellow, pale blue and the like. You can even decide to go Ombre where a bright color fades into a darker one.

  1. Images and patterns

The number of designs and images that you can have on your shower curtain are only limited by your imagination. If you decide to go with patterns, you have a lot to choose from including vertical lines, polka dots, herring fishbone patterns as well as horizontal zigzag ones. Images are also there in plenty with the most popular being those of rubber ducks, clouds, superhero logos and stars. You can take things up a notch by getting your shower curtain customized to include something special to you like a quote or a meaningful image.

  1. Material

Contrary to what most people believe, not all shower curtains are made out of plastic. Some of the other fabrics commonly used include vinyl, linen cloth, polyester and hemp. The last three fall under a special category known as cloth shower curtains. These scream elegance from a mile away and can make you bathroom look superb even being plain white. They are also very easy to wash and are usually mildew resistant. Vinyl and plastic have an advantage over the cloth in terms of variety of design. This is because it is easier to have images and patterns imprinted onto them that onto cloth.

  1. Size

The size in relation to your bathroom is also a very important factor. If you get a shower curtain that is too long, you will give your bathroom a shabby look and will also increase chances of water trickling to the floor along the curtain. It if is too short it also gives the shabby feel and does little to ensure your privacy. To ensure that you get the right one, take measurements before you go out shower curtain hunting.

Bottom line

These four simple rules should make it a whole lot easier for you to find a shower curtain for your shower; whether old or new. Bottom line; do not settle for the plain old boring colors and textures. Get out of your comfort zone and explore the vast world of bathroom décor until you find what you think is the best fit for you.