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About Lighthouse Shower Curtains

October 20, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shower Curtains

Do you like marine motifs? Do check out the lighthouse shower curtains. They will protect your bathroom from getting wet even as you take a shower and will introduce a bit of color to the interior.

Lighthouse shower curtains give the room a feeling of comfort and peace. They offer a restful atmosphere, making the home occupants feel unperturbed, and their guests feel well welcome. With the lighthouse design, the rooms will come to life, whether its occupants are avid sea lovers, passionate lighthouse décor collectors, or simply those who want to feel relaxed and peaceful when in their own homes. The water element of both the lighthouse-inspired designs and the showers themselves make these 2 fitted for each other. Lighthouse bathroom décor can make your bathroom look like you’re swimming or bathing in a nearby lake or sea. If you’ve no pool but you’ve always wanted to feel like you possess one, you could always do that in the premises of your own bathroom. You could make your bathroom look like you’re at the beach with a couple of simple decorations.

lighthouse shower curtainBlue is typically the main color of the lighthouse shower curtains, as they incorporate the marine and sea life. Showers with white or blue walls and tiles will look good with these shower curtains. They can be matched with lighthouse designed toilet accessories such as towels, tumbler, soap dish and toothbrush holder. Lighthouse curtains come in different fabrics, colors and sizes. Homeowners can easily find what they need owing to the numerous and varied designs that are available in the nearest home depots and in the internet. Depending on where the shower curtains are placed, they could be made of either light or thick fabrics. There are even those which are bamboo-beaded. While the bathroom is a very fun room to decorate, lighthouse shower curtains use can extend to the entire house, particularly in the guestroom or the living room area. When moving on to this kind of decorating, consider the lamp lighting and what can be done with the shades they produce. With the proper amount of lighting, the creative designer is able to create a feeling that it’s mid-day or sunset at the beach. Lighthouses also create a good effect.

When a shower curtain gets changed, the tone and lighting can also change dramatically. That is because shower curtains are one of the largest structures in the bathroom having the ability to be transparent, translucent, or opaque. When choosing a new shower curtain, it’s recommended that you try to match the shower-curtain to the already existing floor. When it comes to shower curtains, you can choose to incorporate the lighthouse bathroom décor or also buy shower curtains featuring dolphin prints on them. Don’t forget the other accessories inside your bathroom. For instance, your toothbrush holder, shampoo holder, soap dishes etc., for your lighthouse shower curtains bathroom decor. You should aim to keep it in the same color palette and follow the theme that you’ve chosen.

Lighthouse shower curtains can represent several different things, but a couple of the most notable representations include safety and guidance, while also representing a scenic shore. Lighthouses can also be found in various sizes as figurines, or you could find a painting and set that up as a backdrop. Actually, any painting of a beach scene can work as a good backdrop for a room. Regardless, the color shades of the room need to also be matched with the lighting so as to create the right effect, whether it be sunrise, midday, sunset, or midnight.

Different natural or synthetic materials determine the diverse types-of shower curtains available in the market. Vinyl and polyester shower curtains are waterproof and also inexpensive, but they may-not match luxurious décor. On the other hand, curtains made of linen or cotton look both lush and elegant, but they can mildew if too damp. Most people prefer to-combine a vinyl-liner with an outer-fabric curtain in order to blend attractiveness with-utility. Slick, vinyl-shower curtains do come in every conceivable pattern, motif and color, making them adaptable to-all sorts of styles, from simple guest bathrooms to children’s bathtubs.